Two energies that together create wholeness. That’s how we think of CH’I – a culinary journey that blends the energies of not only two culinary backgrounds, Latin and Chinese, but also four unique concepts to create one seamless and vibrant experience.



The Main Dining Room of CH’I features a unique menu inspired by the fusion of traditional Chinese and Latin cuisine. The space is chic and sophisticated with large plush booths, tropical décor and Chinese-inspired stylistic elements. CH’I combines a high-energy environment with its Chino-Latino menu, which is intensely flavored, imaginatively prepared, and ultimately celebratory.


A verdant open-air terrace where guests can take advantage of Miami’s gorgeous weather and stunning views. The full-service concept features an island bar, plenty of outdoor seating, and cozy cabanas centered around a large-scale light installation.


The Mercado, modeled after a Chinese-themed market with vibrant colors and vintage design, features a casual menu of handheld food items via grab-and-go and counter service experience.


Accessed through a large wooden door in the back of the Mercado, this is the perfect spot to hang out and grab cocktails after work, or late night hours on Thursdays –  Saturdays. After dark, the lights go down, the music turns up and the celebration begins.